Practice Area

Public Contracts


Our Public Contracts practice focuses on providing cost effective solutions to disputes between government contractors and public entities.

We represent contractors, suppliers and subcontractors on state, Federal and local agency projects. We also represent local public agencies, such as school districts and port districts, on public contracting matters. Our firm’s expertise includes contract negotiation; bid protests; performance disputes, including disqualification and disbarment; and litigation for and with public agencies. We have successfully litigated and resolved claims at the administrative, trial and appellate levels.

On behalf of our private clients, our firm’s lawyers have negotiated contracts and litigated and resolved bid protests and public contract claims with, most recently, school districts, counties, cities, water districts, port districts, the California Departments of Transportation, Rehabilitation, Consumer Affairs, Social Services, Motor Vehicles, Education and General Services, as well as the California Highway Patrol, the Public Utilities Commission and the Prison Industry Authority. These matters include bid protest hearings before the California State Board of Control and the Department of General Services. We have also represented clients before the United States Board of Contract Appeals and Court of Federal Claims.