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New Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Regulation

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New Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Regulation

Cal/OSHA’s Emergency Regulation regarding COVID-19 went into effect November 30, with important new requirements for employers. The 21-page regulation contains some items previously issued but also many new requirements.

Key points include the following steps to take if you have a COVID-19 case among your employees:

  1. Close off and properly clean and sanitize all areas of the workplace where the infected employee spent time, as defined;
  2. Remove the infected employee from the workplace and permit return to work only in conformance with applicable guidelines; advise the employee as to applicable leave and wage replacement benefits;
  3. Within one business day of learning of the COVID-19 case, provide a written notice to all employees who were in the worksite. This notice must include information as to whether the employee receiving the notice was “exposed” to the infected employee (as defined).
  4. Include in the notice to any exposed employees that they are removed from the workplace for a 14-day quarantine period and advise them of their rights to applicable leave and wage replacement benefits. If any of the exposed employees become infected, they should return to work only in accordance with applicable guidelines.
  5. Within three business days, notify your workers’ compensation carrier of certain required information regarding the COVID-19 case.
For further information, review the CalOSHA guidance released on the new emergency regulation.

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